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Welcome to Mackay Kundalini Yoga Healing Centre

Our community would like to help you relax, renew & rebalance.


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga for the householder every day person. It is achievable by everyone.

By combining Breathe, Postures and Meditation you will be encouraged to achieve your highest potential.

With regular practice of Kundalini Yoga you may see

  • an increase in your energy level,
  • a reduction in your stress level,
  • an improvement in your strength and flexibility and
  • a heightened level of oneness with the universe.

During class you will be shown different levels of a posture from the very easy level to advanced.

You choose what suits you.

If you have an injury or illness your teacher will adapt movements to suit your body.

Your health and well being are always your teachers top priority.

We proudly support & assist the Mackay Homeless Women’s Shelter





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27 July 2017
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These events are free. We ask you to make a donation $$ or household item for donation to assist our community to support the Mackay Homeless Women’s Shelter.

Weekly Classes held at the Healing Centre.

Relax, Renew & Re-Balance  

These retreats are designed to help you immerse yourself in Kundalini Yoga and to relax your body, renew you mind and re-balance your spirit.
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Special Events Coming Up

22 Aug 2017
06:00PM - 07:30PM
Gong Bath & Yoga Nidra for Deep Healing

Come experience a deep healing & calmness within your body, mind and spirit.

It suitable for those with no yoga experience.


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You need to book for these special events.

Please contact us on (07) 4954 6539.



Courses Coming Up

28 Apr 2018
The 21 Stages of Meditation

The 21 Stages of Meditation will give you the tools and the experience to deepen your meditation and come to a profound understanding of your Self.

In this course we will engage in three separate journeys; each journey is comprised of seven stages, taking you step by step into a deeper level of awakening and realization. We will move through the rudimentary skills of meditation to the deeper levels of awareness and integration and finally into identity, projection and merger in the infinite pulse of creation.

Each Journey is designed to be repeated as many times as you like and may be take in any order. In 2018 GuruJivan is offering all three Journeys of The 21 Stages of Meditation in Mackay, Nth Qld. You can enrol in one, two, or all of the Journeys.


Journey 1 - April 28 & 29, 2018; Journey 2 - August 18 & 19, 2018; Journey 3 - March 2 & 3, 2019


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You need to book for these courses.

Please contact us on (07) 4954 6539.



Workshops Coming Up

29 Aug 2017
06:00PM - 08:00PM
Beginners Kundalini Yoga Workshop

The regular practise of Kundalini yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and emotions so we can be in control of ourselves rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings.

It is the yoga for householders ie. the ordinary person like you and me. It is achievable for those with no yoga experience.


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You need to book for these workshops.

Please contact us on (07) 4954 6539.



Free Events Coming Up

05 Aug 2017
05:00AM - 08:00AM
Group Sadhana

Develop a regular sadhana and you take control of your life. Develop a deep sadhana and you open the doors of experience. Commit to meet your higher Self each morning and your decisions and your life become original; your life will bear the signature of your soul; your radiance will express the meaningful intimacy of the Infinite in each moment. Immerse yourself in the joy of victory that comes from starting each day with a powerful sadhana and every challenge becomes opportunity. (Sadhana Guideline)

19 Aug 2017
01:00PM - 02:30PM
Come and Try FREE

Yoga, meditation & gong classes.


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The above events are free. We ask you to make a donation $$ or household item for donation to assist our community to support the Mackay Homeless Women’s Shelter.



Yoga Teacher Training

05 Aug 2017
09:00AM - 12:00AM
KRI Level 2 Teacher Training 2017 - Conscious Communication
Course Summary

What do we mean by communication? The definition of communication is a practice that creates a “common notion” with another person or object of attention...At what level do we communicate? Did you ever learn that your existence is your communication? Your projection is your relationship? You are the power? But life is often sour. There is no happiness, because your communication has no purpose of Self. You communicate to impress someone. You don’t communicate to relate you to someone. That’s why you suffer now. You don’t communicate consciously. —Yogi Bhajan

Key Topics

Recognize and contrast conscious communication with other types of communication

The role of silence and shuniya in communication

The art of deep listening—sunni-ai

Mastering the Fifth Chakra

Recognizing your shadow and overcoming your blocks through applied consciousness

Communicating with the Infinite and the nature of prayer

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10 Aug 2018
08:00AM - 12:00AM
KRI Level 1 Teacher Training 2018/2019 - Foundations

The Aquarian Teacher Certification program is open both to yoga students ready to become instructors and those who wish to immerse themselves in the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.


The course is presented over four retreats:

Retreat One 10 - 15 August 2018; Retreat Two 18 - 23 October 2018; Retreat Three 10-15 January 2019; Retreat Four 7 – 10 March 2019

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Heal yourself and help heal the world.




Change your Destiny


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is held around Australia and is available in MACKAY in 2017.



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The Gong is one of man's oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present.





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